Vale and BHP to Pay $260m More for Brazilian Dam Burst

The mining giants had already been ordered to pay 250m reais after a dam burst at a mine run by Samarco, a firm they jointly own.

Twelve people remain missing following the incident in southern Brazil that set off a deadly mudslide.

The fine will provide aid to the victims and fund environmental repairs.

The head of Brazil’s environmental agency, Ibama, has described […]

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What Data Mining News Coverage Can Teach Us About Global Events

What can massive data mining of global news coverage tell us about the economic sanctions against Russia or global reaction to China’s economic slowdown? The Cross Country Emerging Markets Unit at BBVA Research recently produced a reportsummarizing their work on tracking geopolitical and social events. In the report, they used big data analysis that draws in part on myGDELT Project, […]

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The World’s Highest Grade Gold Mines

The grade or concentration of a mineral or metal in ore directly affects costs associated with mining as well as its subsequent beneficiation and extraction of precious components.
Under otherwise equal conditions, a lower grade means a higher cost per unit weight of extracted metal making high-grade ore deposits a crucial consideration for all types of investors in mining.
The grade of […]

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BKPM Now Handling Energy, Mining Permits

Investors in oil, gas, mineral and coal mining sectors are expected to experience an easier and faster business licensing process as some of the permits will be processed under the Investment Coordinating Board’s (BKPM) one-stop service.
Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said on Thursday that he had officially handed the procurement process of 10 out of 42 permits in oil […]

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