Bengkulu – Ministry of Environmental and Forestry (LHK) through its representative in Bengkulu handed over the evaluation result of Government Environmental Performance Rating Program  (PROPER) for period 2015-2016 to 46 companies on Friday (17/3/2017). One of companies who committed to environment, PT. Titan Wijaya, received blue rating for two consecutive year.

The evaluation result was handed over directly by specialized staff of Governor for Society and Human Resource, Ismael Lakoni in Pola Bapedda Provinsi. This achievement was not the first for PT. Titan Wijaya. On previous period 2014-2015, the company that run business of mining, transportation, and selling of coal, received the same blue award. “ Thanks to all parties, Ministry of Environmental and Forestry (LHK), Central Government, and LHK representative in province for handing over the award”, said GM CDGR, Harry Cahyono to Rakyat Bengkulu Newspaper.

Government Environmental Performance Rating Program (PROPER) developed by Ministry of Environmental and Forestry is aimed to encourage Indonesian companies to increase environmental management. For PROPER Program PT. Titan Wijaya was rated for their water and waste management program. “ To keep the water in the port meet the established standard,  the company always conducted monitoring everyday  and asked accredited body to conduct monitoring regular period”, said Harry.

As for waste management the company worked together with third parties from outside Bengkulu who are accredited by Ministry of environmental.  “Because in Bengkulu there are no waste management companies”, added Harry. The PROPER Program awarded blue rating to 21 companies, red rating to 20 companies; and the rest were not announced because they were in process of improvement.

“With the blue rating achievement, We hoped that in the future the company were able to sustain best practice for environmental management in port , keep the same score, and even go to the next step to get green and gold award”, explained Harry.