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Tuesday, 11 February 2020, PT Servo Lintas Raya (“SLR”) held a Customer Gathering at Artoz Bar, The Energy Building, SCBD, South Jakarta.


This event aims to give appreciation to SLR Logistics Mining Services customers for their loyalty in using SLR Logistics Mining Services on an ongoing basis. The event was attended by more than 40 invited guests.

In addition the Customer gathering […]

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Titan Run 2017: Succeed to give appreciation to Veteran

Titan Run 2017 combinds spirit of patriotism and sportism in running event championship.

About 5.195 people joined race event Titan Run 2017 with the title: A Tribute to Veteran, on Saturday, 5 August 2017. The event held by Titan Group took place in  the environmentally eco friendly streets of Alam Sutera housing complex.

Like last year, Titan Run 2017 celebrated Indonesian Independence […]

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Titan Run 2016: Beat the Challenge !

Titan Group has successfully organized a Run Competition event called Titan Run at Mall Alam Sutra on 6 August 2016 with “Beat The Challenge” as the theme of this year. This run competition has been an annual company event since 2004 initially to motivate Titan’s employees adopting healthy lifestyle by exercising marathon. This year, the event was opened for public […]

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Titan Infra Energy Group Mining Safety Commitment

Fulfillment of the obligations and responsibilities of the management of mining business activities against any employee in the application of the Occupational Health and Safety (K3) according to Ministerial Decree Mining and Energy 555K/1995, clause 28-30, the owner of the business activities must provide K3 education and training for all employees.
By reference to the Circular Letter of directorate general of […]

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PT Firman Ketaun Obtained Third Predikat Biru from 2015 PROPER

PT Firman Ketaun is a holder of coal exploitation license issued by the Regent of North Bengkulu. All of company’s business activities were carried out by PT Cakra Bumi Pertiwi and it’s sub-contractors, PT Caipta Kridatama and PT Bina Bara Sejahtera.
In 2015, PT Firman Ketaun/PT Cakra Bumi Pertiwi is appointed for the third time by the Ministry of Environment through […]

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First Audit, PT Titan Wijaya Received Predikat Biru of PROPER

PT Titan Wijaya is a concessionaire company of terminal operations in terms of coal mining issued by the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia. All of PT Titan Wijaya business activities were carried out by PT Maritim Sumber Energi.
In 2015, PT Titan Wijaya/PT Maritim Sumber Energi is appointed by the Ministry of Environment through the Environmental Agency of […]

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