Working Health, Safety, and Security

We are fully devoted in the principle of sustainability. Therefore “TitanSafe” strategy & program was developed to address safety, health, and environment matter in TIE.

Awareness & safety campaign programs, safety-health-environment trainings, strict and rigid measures, tight monitoring and regular reporting and analysis, are in place to in-plant and grow the “HSE” discipline in every mine staff and workforce.

Health & Safety

Our goal is to make the mine operational area as a safe and healthy place to work for all people who involve in the mining activities. This includes prevention of incidents, injuries, and occupational illness. This goal can only be achieved through the active participation of all employees, operators, contractors, suppliers and all stakeholders in the mine area. Our safety program called “PANUTAN” which stands for “Panca Utama Titan” (or “Titan’s Five Golden Rule”) is a simple “routine checklist” designed to systematically build a “safety culture” in Titan Mining Indonesia.

Environmental Protection

In TitanSafe, we integrate the Environmental Protection with Safety Management System. We are committed to the prevention of pollution, protection of the environment, and conservation of natural resources through the most effective and efficient mine planning that are supported by sophisticated and state-of-the-art computer programs. Reclamation of mined land including the forest restoration and/or revegetation are carefully planned also, as long term welfare of the surrounding community is in the forefront of our HSE Policy.