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At Titan Infra Energy, we are committed to providing integrated energy development services in Indonesia’s southern Sumatra region. Our values include a dedication to excellence in coal mining services, logistics infrastructure, and transportation services on both land and sea. We strive to achieve sustainable growth while promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility, always putting the safety and well-being of our employees and communities first.



Our mission at Titan Infra Energy is to provide seamless, integrated coal energy infrastructure services that cover every step of the process, from systematic mining and transportation to quality purification, port management, marketing, and delivery. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and stakeholder prosperity while contributing to the growth of the local and national economy.



We recognize that providing integrated energy infrastructure services requires a high level of expertise and a multi-disciplinary approach. At Titan Infra Energy, we value innovation and continuous improvement, and strive to foster a culture of creativity and collaboration. Our team of dedicated professionals are passionate and driven, working tirelessly to achieve excellence in everything we do.


At Titan Infra Energy, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and corporate governance practices. We believe that integrity and sound decision-making that prioritize the interests of the company, society, and the nation are essential to achieving long-term success in the coal mining industry. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in everything we do, from our rigorous safety protocols to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.


At Titan Infra Energy, we recognize the power of collaboration and the importance of building strong partnerships based on mutual respect, trust, and commitment. By working closely with our suppliers, contractors, local communities, and government regulators, we can harness the collective strengths and expertise of our stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcomes for all involved. Through this synergistic approach, we can drive the speed, quality, quantity, and cost-efficiency of our operations, enabling us to deliver value to our customers while contributing to the sustainable development of Indonesia’s energy sector.

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Titan Infra Energy is one of Indonesia’s fastest-growing energy infrastructure and logistics companies. Titan Infra Energy, founded in 2005, manages and develops several business lines ranging from coal mining, infrastructure management to logistics. Titan Infra Energy has nearly two decades of experience managing and developing energy infrastructure, thanks to the support of skilled, experienced, and professional human resources in their respective fields.
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