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PT Servo Lintas Raya

PT Servo Lintas Raya

Integrated Logistics Services

PT Servo Lintas Raya (SLR) provides integrated logistics services for the coal mining industry in South Sumatra, particularly in the Muara Enim, Lahat, and Pali areas. Since its establishment in 2017, SLR has been dedicated to providing solutions that enable coal transportation from the mine mouth and stockpiles to coal-specific ports. Currently, SLR manages a 113 km dedicated coal transportation route, spanning a width of 14 meters, linking coal mines in Lahat and Muara Enim districts to PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya port in the PALI district. This route passes 52 villages, 11 sub-districts, and 4 districts, and can be used throughout the year. Going forward, SLR aims to construct feeder roads originating from the Lahat area.

SLR’s stockpile facilities are currently located in two areas:
– Intermediate Stockpile 107 (IS-107), covering an area of 60 ha and capable of holding up to 600,000 tons of coal
– Intermediate Stockpile 36 (IS-36), covering an area of 50 ha and capable of holding up to 500,000 tons of coal

Both stockpiles are equipped with five weighbridge units with a capacity of up to 150 tons, as well as three crusher units, including 1 crusher unit at IS-107 with a capacity of 7,000 tons/day and 2 crusher units at IS-36 with capacities of 6,000 tons/day and 15,000 tons/day.

PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya

PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya

Coal Loading Port Services

PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya (SDJ) has been providing reliable coal loading port services since 2017. Located in Muara Lematang, Pali Regency, South Sumatra, the SDJ dedicated port covers an area of 62 hectares.

The port is directly connected to the SLR road, enabling efficient transportation of coal. The SDJ port can accommodate the use of double trailers (2×75 tons) and boasts a coal crushing processing facility with a capacity of 1,500 tons per hour. The facility is equipped with two radial stackers to separate the crushed product.

SDJ also has a stockpile with a capacity of up to 300,000 tons of coal. The stockpile features a 4×2,500 ton/hour reclaim belt feeder that operates underground, as well as a surface-level reclaim feeder with a capacity of 3×2,500 tons/hour.

To load coal into 300-feet barges (7,500 tons), SDJ utilizes two barge loading conveyors (BLC). BLC-1A is designed with a capacity of 2×2,500 tons/hour, while BLC-1D is designed with a capacity of 1×1,500 tons/hour. On average, BLC-1A has a loading capacity of five barges and BLC-1D two barges per day. The loading capacity is currently being increased to a total of 10 barges per day.

At SDJ, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable coal loading port services to our customers.

PT Maritim Sumber Energi

Dedicated Operator for Coal Terminal

PT Maritim Sumber Energi (MSE) operates a specialized coal loading terminal in Bengkulu, facing the Indian Ocean. This port provides essential access to all coal mining businesses operating in the northern part of Bengkulu Province. The terminal has a water draft of five meters and can handle barges up to 300 feet, with a Barge Loading Conveyor (BLC) loading speed of 1,000 tons/hour. With a stockpile capacity of 250,000 tons, MSE ensures consistent coal loading services for its clients.


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