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PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal

Mining and Overburden Removal Services

Manggala is a leading mining contractor company that offers comprehensive services to mining concession owners throughout the mining lifecycle. Our range of services includes:

Land/overburden removal:
We specialize in efficient land/overburden removal, loading, and transportation. Our state-of-the-art fleet management techniques ensure high-productivity mining activities, making us a reliable and efficient partner for your mining project.

Coal management:
We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality control and ensuring optimal coal extraction activities. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that every aspect of coal management is handled with meticulous attention to detail.

Coal transportation:
We provide reliable, timely, and efficient coal transportation services, ensuring that your coal is delivered to your desired destination on time and in the required quantities.

Road maintenance:
We understand the importance of maintaining optimal transportation road conditions for seamless coal transportation. Our team of experts ensures that the roads are well-maintained to support smooth transportation of coal.

Mining construction:
We provide best-in-class mining construction services, including road and bridge construction, and other mining infrastructure development. Our experienced team ensures that all mining infrastructure is constructed efficiently and can support customers in optimizing their mining activities. With Manggala, you can expect exceptional service and support throughout the mining lifecycle.

PT Nusantara Terminal Terpadu

One-stop solution for your logistics and transportation needs

PT Nusantara Terminal Terpadu (NTT) and PT Nusantara Tri Bahari (NTB) are specialized shipping companies that provide efficient transportation services using tugboats and barges to deliver cargo from loading ports to end users or large/mother vessels. With a combined fleet of 38 sets of tug & barge, five tugboats, one Self Propelled Barge, and one Trailing-Suction-Hopper-Dredger, NTT and NTB are well-equipped to handle various cargo types and volumes. Their services are focused on serving the Sumatra and Java islands, ensuring timely and reliable delivery for their clients.


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Titan Infra Energy is one of Indonesia’s fastest-growing energy infrastructure and logistics companies. Titan Infra Energy, founded in 2005, manages and develops several business lines ranging from coal mining, infrastructure management to logistics. Titan Infra Energy has nearly two decades of experience managing and developing energy infrastructure, thanks to the support of skilled, experienced, and professional human resources in their respective fields.
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