PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera Award Increase Confidence to Business Partner & Stakeholder

PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera

Award Increase Confidence to Business Partner & Stakeholder


PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera (BAS) succeeded in getting Safety Pratama Award K3 for Mining. This award is very encouraging and can drive the employees to work better.

For PT BAS, which is a subsidiary of Titan Infra Energy, this award is very beneficial because it can increase trust from business partner and stakeholder. “In addition, Award can encourage buyer to buy our product. For example on Japanese market, besides quality safety factor and environment become their concern and attention,” explains Danny Dwidharma Dangkua, Operation Director PT BAS.

According to Danny, equipment and coal resources are important assets, however, another important asset is the workers who are demanded to increase productivity safely. “How safety and production can run together, this is our goal. So we can produce coal as planned and safely,” explain Danny whose philosophy is to give the best wherever he works for.

At the beginning of 2016, System K-3 at BAS adopted SMKP (Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan Pertambangan). Begun with good safety commitment from management, K3 implementation was included in company yearly work system, and fund for K3 was always budgeted.

Getting buy-in from management is a must. Company brand image will help much if perception to K3 and environment is good, such examples are companies that become the best by applying good K3.

There were several programs that were implemented on site. One of them was safety golden rules, which was implemented year ago. “Safety Golden Rules constitute group of warning and prohibition related to 7 most highest risks at PT. BAS, which is based on risk scoring conducted internally. In addition, we also built routine communication on K3. We also had monthly K3 safety meeting with the contractors. There was also weekly meeting, even there was daily morning short meeting such as safety talk,” explain Danny. Besides, there were also planned trainings that had to be followed by all staff of PT BAS.

Award achieved by PT BAS on 2017 was the first award and first examination since the mine was opened. This award was a bonus, key point was the good execution at the field. “We strive to increase quality by applying better K3 in the future, who knows next year we will get bonus “better grade” for the award,” explained Danny who was born in Tenggarong, Borneo.

PT BAS is a fast growing company. “We do not want to wait any longer and even years to be on par with other mining company,” explain Danny.

According to Danny, K3 commitment of PT BAS is very good, and adopting and implementing K3 System Management is not always identical to big budget, there are many ways to do according to available budget, the most important thing is commitment and willingness.

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