Indonesian’s Coal Price Reference (HBA) reached US$100 per ton

Jakarta – Coal Price Reference (HBA) for December 2016 reached US$100 level per ton. Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ESDM) stipulated this HBA for December to be US$101.69 per ton. Coal prices above US$100 per ton showed similar past conditions that happened between the end of 2011 to mid 2012.

Head of Bureau of Communication, Public Information Service, and Cooperation of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ESDM) Sujatmiko said coal prices were continuously moving up. Coal Reference Prices (HBA) for this December is 19 percent higher than price of last November where it reached US$ 84.89 per ton.  “HBA December US$ 101.69 per ton. Coal Price is still continuously moving up” said Sujatmiko in Jakarta on Sunday (4.12).

Sujatmiko mentioned that the up trend of coal prices within the last three months were influenced by demand surge in China. This was caused by China’s decision to limit their coal production. To fulfill the shortage on coal for electricity and industrial needs, China chose to import coal. “Their needs on energy will be increased for the incoming winter” said Sujatmiko.

Based on record taken by Investor Daily, HBA reaching US$100 per ton once happened at the end of 2010. On that December, HBA was stipulated to be US$103.41 per ton. And then at early 2011 HBA kept stronger at US$112.40 per ton and reached its peak on February at US$127.05 per ton. From March to December 2011 coal prices fluctuated and closed at level US$ 112.67 per ton.

Opening 2012, HBA was at level US$ 109.29 per ton. And then the price got stronger on February and March at level US$ 111.58 and US$ 112.87 per ton respectively. However coal price experienced price drop to US$ 81.75 per ton at the end of 2012.

Coal price continued to fall during year 2013 until the end of 2016. The lowest level of HBA once touched US$ 50.92 per ton on last February 2016.

The coal price then was up slightly in March with HBA at level US$ 51.62. Strong trends continued until April to make HBA at level US$ 52.32 per ton.

Upward price trend was also influenced by final contract supply between Australia and Japan. However, after contract was signed Coal price came back weakening on May at position US$ 51.2 per ton.

In the mid year Coal price experienced slight increase at US$ 51.81 per ton. This increase was more influenced by Australia’s Index price increase. Strong trend of HBA continued in July to reach US$ 53 per ton. Subsequently HBA price was moving up again in August to reach level US$ 58.37 per ton. HBA on September was US$ 63.93 per ton or increased 9 percent compared to price in August. Coal Prices on October still indicated stronger trend at US$ 69.07 per ton. Then at November HBA jump sharply to reach US$ 84.89 per ton.

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