Indonesia Inaugurated as International Energy Agency Member

Indonesia Inaugurated as International Energy Agency Member

Indonesia has officially joined the International Energy Agency (IEA) as an associate member in an effort to ensure better energy development in Indonesia.

“I have reported to President Joko Widodo the results of energy ministerial meeting and the IEA members meeting held from 17-18 November, 2015 in Paris, France,” the Energy and Mineral Resource Minister Sudirman Said stated here on Friday.

Indonesia has joined the IEA as an associate member along with China, Mexico and Chile.

He added that Thailand is also applying to become an IEA member. “They are welcoming us very well. The IEA committee said there is no country that can secure its energy needs all by itself,” Sudirman said.

Sudirman said Indonesia needs to have more cooperation in the energy sector.

By following two international energy organizations, namely the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and IEA, Indonesia can develop its wider energy potential.

“It means that Indonesia will have two energy communities, such as the oil and gas producers association and those in the renewable energy sector,” Sudirman added.

The state can avail of more advantages by joining the IEA and the OPEC.

Indonesia can also have more access to advanced technology as some members of the IEA are advanced countries that have mastered technology.

“We will the Bali Clean Energy Forum where we will invite the IEA member countries. The meeting can be our input for a more serious phase of renewable energy development,” Sudirman added.

According to the minister, Indonesia still has a lot of potential in the field of energy and will have more similar cooperation strategies.

“We have electricity resources whose potential can reach up to 300,000 Megawatts that we have not exploited yet,” Sudirman said.

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