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Mengoptimalkan Infrastruktur Energi Batubara untuk Pertumbuhan Ekonomi - Titan Infra Energy Group

Titan Infra Energy Group is an integrated energy infrastructure company engaged in providing energy infrastructure services, especially coal. The company is headquartered at Graha Anabatic in Tangerang, Banten, and was founded by Mr. Handoko Anindya Tanuadji in 2005. Titan Infra Energy’s business locations are spread across 3 regions, namely Muara Enim, Lahat, and PALI (Panukal Abab Lematang Ilir).

As part of its commitment to developing the coal energy sector, Titan Infra Energy has adequate road infrastructure and special coal ports. This company uses the right waste processing techniques to deal with various challenges that exist in the Province of South Sumatra. In terms of transportation of mining products, Titan Infra Energy ensures that the process runs smoothly and safely, starting from the construction of infrastructure lines for mining transportation to special coal ports used for loading.

Integrated Energy Infrastructure Services

Titan Infra Energy provides integrated energy infrastructure services covering various aspects, from infrastructure and logistics to mining contractors and land and sea transportation. This service focus is located in the southern part of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Related activities include the delivery of goods from customs to other customs or to domestic and international customers, as well as the consumption of coal for power generation. In dealing with fluctuating coal prices, Titan Infra Energy uses product synergies and complementary services that help maintain revenue and ensure stable cash flow. The company’s business portfolio is designed to support the company’s sustainable growth.

Infrastructure Expansion to Achieve Production Targets

In an effort to achieve a production target of 20 million tons in 2023, PT Titan Infra Energy is extending the 113-kilometer hauling line or coal transportation route in three regencies in South Sumatra Province. This line terminates at the coal terminal which is located in Pali. With this transportation route, it is hoped that the use of public roads as coal shipping routes can be avoided. In addition, Titan Infra Energy Group (Titan Group) also recently inaugurated the 1D Upgrade Phase 1 Project at PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya (SDJ) Port. At the inauguration, a ribbon was cut as a sign of the commencement of the operationalization of the 1D conveyor upgrade phase, additional weighbridges and crushers at the KM 36 stockpile.

On this occasion, Chairman of Titan Infra Energy Group, Handoko A Tanuadji, explained that the Phase 1D Project was carried out to develop existing port facilities to support Titan Infra Energy Group’s production target of 20 million tons per year. As a company that is seriously involved in the Coal Mining Infrastructure sector, Titan Infra Energy Group has completed its business ecosystem in a more integrated manner.

Port Development for Company Growth

As a subsidiary of Titan Infra Energy Group, Port Manager PT. Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya (SDJ) continues to be developed in accordance with the increasing demands from service users. Handoko stated that the addition of this dock facility shows Titan Infra Energy Group’s commitment to continuing to grow and developing the company to a higher level.

Handoko explained that this year, the company has new targets that must be achieved, in line with the tagline ‘New Year, New Target and New Story’. Titan Infra Energy Group also implements adaptive Corporate Social Responsibility programs, starting from helping flood-affected areas to providing educational facilities and reforestation projects around mining areas.

In addition to increasing production, the company also pays attention to the readiness of human resources and other supporting factors. Titan Infra Energy Group ensures professional expertise in infrastructure, mining and renewable energy, while empowering local talent in the Muara Enim, Lahat and PALI regions.

In this context, Titan Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Suryo Suwignjo, stated his readiness to maximize facilities and infrastructure in the field, in order to support the company’s growth in a sustainable manner.

With strong infrastructure, a commitment to sustainable growth, and the development of multiple integrated services, Titan Infra Energy Group has established itself as a leader in the coal energy infrastructure sector. The company continues to innovate and adapt to meet market needs, while having a positive impact on the surrounding community and environment.

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Titan Infra Energy merupakan salah satu perusahaan infrastruktur dan logistik energi yang berkembang pesat di Indonesia. Berdiri sejak 2005 silam, Titan Infra Energy mengelola dan mengembangkan sejumlah lini bisnis mulai penambangan batubara, pengelolaan infrastruktur hingga logistik. Dengan dukungan sumber daya manusia yang terampil, berpengalaman serta profesional di bidangnya tak bisa dipungkiri di usia mendekati dua dekade, Titan Infra Energy mempunyai pengalaman yang luas dalam mengelola dan mengembangkan infrastruktur energi.
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