Strengthen Road and Coal Port Infrastructure || Titan Infra Energy Group

Strengthen Road and Coal Port Infrastructure || Titan Infra Energy Group

Titan Infra Energy is a company that has road and port infrastructure specifically for coal in South Sumatra Province. This company offers solutions to problems that exist in the province. Titan Infra has the right waste treatment techniques and ensures that the coal transportation process runs easily and safely from the mine to the port.

The services offered by Titan Infra Energy include infrastructure and logistics, such as special coal roads and special coal ports. Titan Infra Energy also provides mining contractor services and land and water transportation in the southern part of Sumatra Island, particularly in South Sumatra Province. Titan Infra Energy Group is also involved in shipping goods from customs to other customs or to domestic and international customers, as well as providing coal for power generation. With the synergy of complementary products and services, the company is able to maintain stable income and cash flow.

Special Coal Road and Port Infrastructure

Titan Infra Energy is trying to achieve a production target of 20 million tons in 2023. Now Titan Infra Energy has extended the coal transportation route for 113 kilometers in three regencies in South Sumatra Province. This line ends at the coal terminal in Pali. The addition of this transportation route aims to avoid the use of public roads as coal shipping routes. In addition, Titan Infra Energy Group has also inaugurated the 1D Upgrade Phase 1 Project at PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya (SDJ) Port. This project includes upgrading dock facilities, adding weighbridges, and a crusher at the KM 36 stockpile.

Titan Infra Energy Group Chairman, Handoko A Tanuadji, revealed that the Phase 1D Project was carried out to develop existing port facilities in order to support the company’s production target of 20 million tons per year. As a company that is serious about coal mining infrastructure, Titan Infra Energy Group has better integrated its ecosystem business.

Port of PT. Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya (SDJ), which is managed by a subsidiary of Titan Infra Energy Group, will continue to be developed in accordance with existing demand. Handoko stated that the addition of this dock facility shows the seriousness of Titan Infra Energy Group to continue to grow and develop the company.

In addition to increasing the amount of production, Titan Infra Energy Group is also active in Corporate Social Responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs. Titan Group assists flood-affected areas, provides educational facilities, and is involved in recovery projects around the mine.

Titan Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Suryo Suwignjo, stated his readiness to maximize facilities and infrastructure in the field. He is optimistic that the target set can be achieved with the addition of the 1D Project facility. It is expected to increase production to 20 million tonnes by 2023. Titan Infra Energy Group’s corporate planning supports this.

Titan Infra Energy also continues to pay attention to expertise and other supports, including professional infrastructure, mining and renewable energy, as well as empowering local talent in the Muara Enim, Lahat and PALI regions.

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