Jambi Governor Al Haris’ Plan to Reopen Coal Transportation Activities

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Jambi Governor Al Haris’ Plan to Reopen Coal Transportation Activities

In recent times, Jambi Governor Al Haris’ plan to reopen coal transportation activities has reaped pros and cons. Many people refused because of the total traffic jam and disruption of general activities that occur, especially in the transportation of goods and people.

For this reason, the Chairperson of Commission IV DPRD Jambi Province, Fadli Sudria, encouraged the Jambi Provincial Government to speed up permitting for the river route. Fadli stated that the government must be at the forefront of licensing coal transportation along the river route. Although these permits are taken care of by companies, the government should at least encourage and expedite the process.

Fadli explained that accelerating the river route is an important step in breaking down congestion, apart from completing a special road for coal transportation. He also appealed to all parties, including coal entrepreneurs, to pay attention to this problem.

Previously, Jambi Governor Al Haris said that coal transportation operations which had been asked to stop since March 3 would be reopened starting this Saturday. However, the certainty of the resumption of this activity depends on the progress of the damaged road repairs at three points in Batanghari.

“If it can be finished on Friday afternoon, we will reopen later,” said Al Haris on Monday (6/3). He also stated that the temporary closure of coal transportation activities could only be carried out because many people depend on coal activities for their lives.

“Of course it’s a pity for the people who are there, they also need to eat. However, repairs must be completed first. If not, we are worried that traffic jams will occur again in the month of Ramadan,” he said.

In an effort to unravel traffic jams in Jambi Province, the government must speed up river route permits and complete a special road for coal transportation. All parties, including coal entrepreneurs, must pay attention to this problem to create a healthy environment and reduce congestion in Jambi Province.

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