Jambi City Government Forms an Integrated Coal Transportation Supervision Team

Indonesia Bisa Jadi Eksportir Batubara ke Eropa Terbesar

The Jambi City Government, together with the TNI and Polri, formed an Integrated Coal Transportation Supervision Team in Jambi City. The joint team consisted of elements from the Jambi City Transportation Agency, Jambi Police, Kodim 0415/JBI, and Jambi Denpom II/2. Early Monday (23/1) held a joint operation to supervise and take action against coal transportation that violated the entry into city roads.

“The municipal government together with the TNI-Polri form an Integrated Team to supervise coal transportation. This is due to the recent rise in social media as well as in the field of unscrupulous coal drivers who still dare to enter Jambi City,” said Jambi City Transportation Agency Head, Saleh Ridha.

As for the Command Post itself, it is centered near Raider Company 142/KJ Kasang East Jambi and several points of entry and exit points for Jambi City. Based on the results of the operation Monday early this morning. There were 8 unloaded trucks that were turned around through the causeway and there were 2 trucks loaded with coal entering the city which were locked up at the Jambi Police.

He also explained that for Timdu’s way of acting, there were three ways to do it, namely first at the post itself which is the exit route, which is usually passed by coal drivers entering the city. The second is to carry out mobile patrols through patrol units on sections in the city of Jambi. If a coal transport car is found, it will be taken to an integrated Command Post to take action. The third is by monitoring through CCTV throughout the city in the JCOC Control Room.

“This integrated post starts operating from 23.00 to 05.00 in the morning. How long will this integrated post be implemented? We don’t know until the situation is truly conducive and coal drivers no longer dare to enter the city,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the near future the Mayor of Jambi will hold a special meeting with the Jambi City Forkompimda. To discuss problems that disturb the order and comfort of the people of Jambi City.

“Soon we will schedule a complete Forkompimda meeting, specifically to discuss the rise of coal transportation entering the city. We will have a meeting with the Chairperson of the DPRD, Kapolresta, Dandim, Kajari, Dandenpom, District Court, RT Forum and others. We have to be firm about this,” said Fasha

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