Digital Integration PLN

Digital Integration PLN

SURABAYA – Subsidiary of PT. PLN (Persero), PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB), is in process of integrating all power plants through digital integration. The integration program called remote engineering, monitoring, diagnostic and optimization (REMDO) is expected to increase efficiency and speed up problem solving.

“As planned this October or end of this year We will launch the pilot project”, said Corporate Secretary PJB Muhammad Bardan at the PJB Headquarter Office in Surabaya, East Jawa , on Tuesday 16 May 2017.

At initial phase, as pilot project, only five power plants will be integrated, that is PLTU Paiton unit 1, 2, 9, PLTU Rembang and Pacitan. PJB as a whole manages 25 power plants spreading throughout Indonesia.

“Later after all power plant are integrated, we can manage all incoming data from all power plants in real-time. Therefore, efficiency could also be monitored directly, “ he said.

This system will also store and record all operations occurred in all power plants, including problems in all power plants so that the recorded data later on could be used as reference to solve problems in a power plant faster and more efficient.

“Therefore, as planned this system will also become Corporate Project (PLN)”, he said.

Regarding the value of investment, Bardan admit that he does not know for sure. Because, PJB is still in process to choose vendor (partner) to execute the project. “From initial estimation, the cost is not too big. It is about Rp. 13 million per kilowatt (kw),” he said.

REMDOC PJB Manager M Hariyadi said, after pilot project development ends, It is targeted that all power plants can be integrated by this system by the end of 2018.

“End of 2018 is the target to get connected. We are in process of developing, but we target the efficiency improvement by 2-5% from the baseline. And, later that will be real-time, before We do not know when the efficiency drop,” he explains.

With this system, PJB will maintain efficiency at steady level and not fluctuated. That efficiency will be reflected on fuel cost saving of power plant.

“Increasing efficiency by 2-5% gives big impact” he adds.

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