Coal Prices: Jump more than 3%

Coal Prices: Jump more than 3%, JAKARTA – The price movement of coal continued to get stronger on the closing trading session yesterday, Tuesday(31/1/2017), after managed to rebound on the previous trading day.

On Tuesday trade, coal price for February 2017 Contract, the most active contract in Rotterdam market, was closed soaring to 3.65% or 3 point to US$85.30/metric ton.

In the previous trading session, the February contract coal prices rebounded from its weakening days for four days since closing trading day down 0.92% to US $ 86.30 / metric ton on Tuesday (24/1).

Along with the black stone, the price of WTI oil contract in March 2017 closed yesterday rebounded 0.34% or 0.18 points to US $ 52.81 per barrel.

European benchmark Brent oil for April 2017 contract ended stronger 0.47% or 0.26 points to US $ 55.58 per barrel.

The rebound in oil prices was supported by the effects of a weaker dollar eventhough on the other side there was a reports on the increase of US crude supplies that restricting its movement.

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