Titan Infra Energy’s Coal Production Target Increases to 20 Million Tons

Target Produksi Batubara Titan Infra Energy Meningkat Jadi 20 Juta Ton

PT Titan Infra Energy Group targets coal production this year to increase and reach 20 million tons. This was conveyed by the Main Director of PT Titan Infra Energy, Darwan Siregar.

Increase Production Capacity and Quality

According to Darwan Siregar, Main Director of PT Titan Infra Energy, the company managed to produce 14 million tons of coal last year and will boost production this year to achieve the set target.

Efforts to increase coal production are also accompanied by an increase in production quality by increasing loading and unloading capacity at the port. PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya (PT SDJ) has inaugurated the 1D upgrade phase 1 project to facilitate the loading and unloading of coal at the wharf, so that coal can be transported by two routes, namely river and land.

1D Phase 1 conveyor upgrade, operation of additional weighbridge and crusher at KM 36 stockpile.

The Phase 1D project was implemented to develop existing port facilities to support a production target of 20 million tons per year. PT SDJ will continue to be developed according to requests from users.

Expansion of the Special Coal Transport Road

The additional capacity and expansion of the coal transportation route is very important in ensuring the smooth running of coal mining and transportation activities. In this regard, Titan Infra Energy Group has committed to develop adequate logistics and infrastructure facilities to support ambitious production targets.

PT Servo Lintas Raya (PT SLR), a subsidiary of the Titan group, is also expanding the 26 km coal hauling route on the south side of Muara Enim or a total length of 146 km coal-only road. Special roads for coal transportation are made closer to the mining site to ensure that mining activities can run without disturbing the main roads and the economic sector continues to run without any congestion on public roads.

Darmawan stated that with the upgraded logistics facilities, it is hoped that coal mining and transportation activities can run smoothly because all facilities are complete. If the logistics facilities are not upgraded, the mining output will not be optimal because there will be a bottleneck in the transportation route.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Plan

Titan also plans to conduct an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the near future, namely in July. The IPO plan has now entered its initial stages, namely discussions and consultations with consultants and meetings.

According to Darwan Siregar, the company is ready to support the IPO plan. All needs related to the legality and formality of the company will be prepared carefully.

In addition, Titan also pays attention to the readiness of human resources (HR) and all other supporting matters to ensure the smooth running of the IPO. This is a part that the company pays attention to.

In recent years, the IPO industry in Indonesia has grown rapidly. Many companies try their luck by becoming a public company on the stock exchange.

Even so, the IPO is still a step that must be considered carefully. The decision to become a public company must be based on careful consideration and a thorough analysis of the possible benefits and risks.

Titan itself is a company that has a very good track record in Indonesia. The company is engaged in various fields, including infrastructure and energy.

Darwan Siregar stated that the company is ready to support the desire to go public and all preparations related to the legality and formality of the company will be prepared soon. The readiness of human resources and other supporting matters also remains a concern of the company.

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