Titan Infra Energy Safety Commitment

Fulfillment of the obligations and responsibilities of the management of mining business activities against any employee in the application of the Occupational Health and Safety (K3) according to Ministerial Decree Mining and Energy 555K/1995, clause 28-30, the owner of the business activities must provide K3 education and training for all employees.

By reference to the Circular Letter of directorate general of geology and Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) about Competence of Mining Operations Supervisor, the owner of mining activities must appoint inspectors or supervisors who already have sufficient K3 competence to conduct surveillance activities in the mining area.

Mining operational activities that supported by competent mining supervisor will help the company to achieve the production targets, preventing the company’s losses from the injuries due to accidents and loss of equipment or property damage, and environmental destruction.

Based on that idea, PT Titan Infra Energy Group, an energy and mineral resources company, held an event Debriefing Pratama Operational Supervisor that involving all of TIE Group SBUs, including PT Titan Wijaya, PT Maritim Sumber Energi, PT Cakra Bumi Pertiwi, PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal, PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera, PT Banjarsari Pribumi, PT Sriwijaya Lintas Raya, PT Sriwijaya Dermaga Jaya, and others.

K3 Mining supervisory competence development agenda at Titan Group was conducted during 2015, with four batches target implementation, and followed by more than 100 participants level supervisor.

As a pilot event that held for the entire Titan Infra Energy Group’s SBU, the participants are excited and interested to this event.


Spirit and togetherness…

The First agenda, held in Bengkulu, attended by SBU located around the area: PT Titan Wijaya, PT MSE, and PT CBP. The next event held ini Hotel Grand Zuri, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra. The event was held on Sept. 29th 2016 to Oct. 2th 2015 attended by PT MUM, PT BAS, PT BP, PT SLR, and PT SDJ. On this occasion, Head of Sub Directorate of Technic Supervisory ESDM as well as founder and supervisor of Indonesian Mining Association of Safety Professionals Eko Gunarto was pleased to attend the event and to be a guest speaker. He a gave a lecture on the Indonesian Mining Safety Legislation.

The participants were interested to ask questions and discuss about surveillance activities in the mining business, the latest information about the activities of mining, and its relation to their duties and responsibilities as a supervisor at each work area.

The event that was organized by the Department of HR and HSE Corporate supported by Titan Grup Internal SBU instructors and facilitators, among which: HSE Manager PT MUM Gunawan Pujiyanto, Business Process Manager PT TIE Sugeng Ward, and HSE Manager PT TIE Oktovianus Kendek .

“The resources are already very adequate, the support of line management already owned. Currently, to advance the mining-safety and to achieve the business sustainability, all we need are just Spirit and Togetherness from the management line and all levels in Titan Group,” said Eko.

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