Subsidiary of Titan Infra Energy Group in South Sumatra Mining

PT Titan Group, as a subsidiary of Titan Infra Energy Group, has shown its success in running mining operations in South Sumatra. With its expertise and experience, PT Titan Group has succeeded in optimizing the potential of coal mines in this region.

PT Titan Infra Energy: Strengthening Energy Infrastructure for Mining

PT Titan Infra Energy, as an integral part of the Titan Infra Energy Group, focuses on developing infrastructure and logistics in the energy sector. One of the important projects they have carried out is the construction of roads and a special coal port in South Sumatra. This infrastructure plays a vital role in supporting coal mining and hauling activities in the area.

With a strong commitment to the development of energy infrastructure, PT Titan Infra Energy has built an efficient and reliable transportation network. Roads specially built for mining purposes ensure smooth accessibility between coal mines and shipping ports. A modern port equipped with sophisticated coal shipping facilities enables an efficient and fast shipping process.

PT Titan Infra Energy Muara Enim Job Vacancies: Career Opportunities in the Mining Industry

Titan Infra Energy Group, offers exciting opportunities for individuals interested in a career in the mining industry. With a variety of attractive job vacancies, joining Titan Infra Energy Group Subsidiaries provides the opportunity to work in a growing industry with a professional work environment.

This company prioritizes increasing employee competency through training and development. With an inclusive and collaborative work culture, PT Titan Infra Energy in Muara Enim creates a work atmosphere that is conducive to employee growth and progress. If you are a passionate individual, have expertise in mining, and want to contribute to this industry, PT Titan Infra Energy is the right place for a career.

PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera: Medium Level Coal Producer that is Environmentally Friendly

PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera (BAS) is a medium-level coal producer operating in South Sumatra. The coal mining business permit covering an area of ​​2,164 hectares in Muara Enim Regency is the basis for BAS operations. With coal resources of 185 million tonnes and coal reserves of 45.7 million tonnes based on the 2019 JORC Report, BAS has become a major contributor to the coal industry in this region.

In addition, the coal produced by BAS has a high calorific value, reaching 4,720 kcal/kg (GAR), with low ash and sulfur content. This shows BAS’s commitment to producing high quality coal that is also environmentally friendly.

PT Banjarsari Pribumi: A Coal Producer that Prioritizes the Environment

PT Banjarsari Pribumi (BP) is a coal mining company operating in South Sumatra. With a 519.84 hectare coal mining business license in Lahat Regency, BP has played an important role in the area’s mining industry. The existence of the SLR road that directly connects the BP mining area provides optimal accessibility in coal transportation.

Based on the 2019 JORC Report, BP has coal resources of 36.2 million tonnes and coal reserves of 27.6 million tonnes. The coal products produced by BP have a calorific value of between 3,800 and 4,500 kcal/kg (GAR). By focusing on environmentally friendly coal quality, BP is able to meet the increasing market demand.

Developing South Sumatra Mining Potential with Titan Infra Energy Group

Titan Infra Energy Group, through its subsidiaries engaged in the mining sector in South Sumatra, has succeeded in developing mining potential and contributing to regional economic growth. With its experience and expertise, Titan Infra Energy Group continues to innovate and is committed to maintaining the sustainability of the mining industry.

By utilizing technology and best practices, PT Titan Group is able to maximize the potential of coal mines in South Sumatra. Efficient and responsible management of the environment is one of the company’s priorities. PT Titan Group adopts environmentally friendly mining practices, including environmental impact mitigation, waste management and emission control.

Through collaboration with local governments and related parties, PT Titan Group also plays a role in local community development. Sustainable corporate social responsibility programs have been carried out, including the development of educational infrastructure, improvement of health facilities, and economic empowerment of communities around the mine.

With a commitment to maintain sustainability and provide sustainable benefits for all stakeholders, PT Titan Group continues to strive to become a major player in the mining industry in South Sumatra.

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