Special Coal Transportation Route Not Completed in Jambi Overcome with Short Term Solutions

Indonesia Bisa Jadi Eksportir Batubara ke Eropa Terbesar

The Governor of Jambi, H. Al Haris, took quick steps to minimize congestion caused by coal transportation. While waiting for the special transportation road to be completed in 2024 as a long-term solution, Al Haris is implementing a short-term solution by imposing restrictions on night transportation during operating hours from 18.00 WIB to 06.00 WIB. Traffic engineering trials will be carried out for 4,000 trucks out of a total of 9,300 registered transport trucks.

This decision was taken after the governor held a coal transport handling meeting with the Jambi Provincial Government, Forkompimda, mining associations, coal transport, and ports on January 31 at the auditorium of the Jambi Governor’s official residence.

Al Haris stated that currently, there are 9,300 units of coal transport that have been registered and are entitled to use stickers, with 6,800 trucks going to Talang Duku and the rest going to Niaso. Coal transportation is carried out in rotation to meet the interests of the community, where 4,000 trucks will run not in conjunction with other transportation. Technically, transportation will be attempted from the mine to the parking lot and rules on road hours until loading and unloading, provided that the driver complies with etiquette.

To reach a concrete solution, the governor of Jambi asked related parties to sit together, namely the Department of Transportation, the police, mining associations, ports and coal transport. “It is impossible for all 9,300 transports to run at once, even though the port can accommodate them, the roads cannot accommodate them,” said Al Haris.

Based on the interests of the wider community, coal transportation in Jambi is carried out in shifts. Where 4,000 transportation runs not in conjunction with other transportation.

Traffic Engineering Trial Method

To get a concrete solution, the Governor of Jambi again requested that the relevant parties sit together. It consists of the Department of Transportation, the Police, the Mining Association, Ports, and from the coal transport itself.

“In three days there has been an agreement. It’s impossible for the 9,300 roads to go. Even though the port can accommodate them, our roads cannot accommodate them,” said Datuk Mangkubumi Setio Alam.

At this stage a traffic engineering trial will be carried out with a predetermined method. It will be seen how long the transport journey takes, from the mouth of the mine, into the parking lot, then starting back to the port until unloading.

Long Term Solution: Dedicated Coal Line

Al Haris said that what can be done now is to break down traffic jams and reduce conflicts in society. The concrete solution is a special coal road which starts physical work in February 2023.

“The construction of a special coal road has started. The promise is to be completed within 14 months. If it is true to the promise, by mid-2024 the coal road can be used,” said Haris.

The special coal line is a long-term solution to the problem of coal transportation in Jambi. It consists of three series of special roads, namely, first, the Kilangan route in the District of Bajubang – Mestong – Sungai Gelam – Kumpeh Ulu – Taman Rajo. The road will be worked on by investor PT Putra Bulian Propertindo, which has already carried out the groundbreaking on September 1, 2022.

“This first special road route, the physical development will be carried out starting in February 2023,” Haris said in his presentation.

The second route which will connect Mandiangin, Bathin XXIV, Muara Tembesi, Muara Bulian and Muara Sebo Ilir Subdistricts will be worked on by PT Inti Tirta. The construction of this route has started on December 17, 2022. This will help people to travel more easily and quickly between cities.

The third route is located in the Districts of Pauh, Mandiangin, East Mandiangin, Bajungan, Mestong, and Jambi Outside the City. This particular road will be built by PT Sinar Agung Sukses and construction has started this month. This will help the community to overcome transportation problems in the area and make commuting easier.

Not only roads, but also river routes are being improved to improve transportation in Jambi. Two companies namely PT Minimex Indonesia and PT. Timur Indonesia Sejahtera is initiating the construction of the river channel. PT Minimex Indonesia will build a river channel through the Mandiangin, Jebak, and Talang Duku areas. Meanwhile, PT. Timur Indonesia Sejahtera will build the Muaro Tembesi to Talang Duku line.

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