PT Titan Infra Energy Group’s Coal Production Target Increases to 20 Million Tons

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PT Titan Infra Energy Group’s Coal Production Target Increases to 20 Million Tons

PT Titan Infra Energy Group targets coal production this year to increase and reach 20 million tons. This was disclosed by the Main Director of PT Titan Infra Energy. Darwan Siregar, said that last year the company succeeded in producing 14 million tons of coal and this year, coal production will be increased until the set target is achieved.

The increase in production was accompanied by an increase in production quality, which was achieved by increasing the loading and unloading capacity of the port. The 1D upgrade phase 1 project at PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya (PT SDJ) Port has been inaugurated to upgrade port facilities. This facility improvement will facilitate the loading and unloading of coal at the wharf, so that coal can be transported by two routes, namely river and land.

In addition, the Phase 1D project was implemented to develop existing port facilities to be able to support a production target of 20 million tons per year. PT Titan Infra Energy is also expanding the coal transportation route by adding a 26 km long coal hauling road on the south side of Muara Enim, or a total length of 146 km special coal road.

This coal hauling road was built closer to the mine site. So that mining activities can continue to run without disturbing the highway and the economic sector continues to run. According to Darmawan, this will speed up mining activities so that the transportation runs smoothly because everything is complete. Because if the logistics facilities are not upgraded, then the mining output will not be maximized because there will be a bottleneck in the transportation route.

In addition to increasing production and logistics facilities. PT Titan Infra Energy will also go public or IPO in the near future, namely in July. The IPO plan has entered the initial stages of discussion and consultation with consultants and meetings. Darwan Siregar said that the company is ready to support the desire to go public and will immediately prepare all requirements related to the legality and formality of the company. The readiness of human resources and other supports will also remain a part that will be considered by the company.

With efforts to increase production, logistics facilities, and this IPO plan. PT Titan Infra Energy Group continues to strive to become a big player in the Indonesian coal industry. All of these efforts are made so that the company can continue to grow and develop, as well as provide benefits to the people and country of Indonesia.

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