PT. Bara Anugrah Sejahtera (Titan Group) Cares for Adiwiyata Schools

PT.Bara Anugrah Sejahtera (Titan Group) Peduli Sekolah Adiwiyata

PT. Bara Anugrah Sejahtera (Titan Group) provided financial assistance in order to support SD NEGERI 4 Tanjung Agung in participating in the Adiwiyata competition at the South Sumatra Province level. At the same time realizing the PT.BAS PPM Program, Education Sector.

With this assistance, it is hoped that it will become a form of enthusiasm from PT.BAS in supporting the Caring and Cultured Environment Movement at Tanjung Agung 4 Public Elementary School in Pulau Panggung Village.

Mr. Akwam as the Management of PT.BAS hopes that this assistance will be a form of enthusiasm for the School Management in carrying out the task of educating school students at SD Negeri 4 Tanjung Agung.

Mr. Ahmad Rais S.pd as the Principal of SD Negeri 4 Pulau Panggung expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by PT.BAS. “Alhamdulillah, I as the principal of SD Negeri 4 Tanjung Agung are very grateful for the support given by PT.BAS. With PT.BAS SD Negeri 4 Tanjung Agung I feel helped and hope that PT.BAS can develop even bigger. The production program can achieved in 2023. As disclosed by Ahmad Rais, S.Pd.

The innovation of the environmental care and cultured movement in schools (PBLHS) which was carried out by SDN 4 Tanjung Agung in Pulau Panggung Village. Take it to the assessment of the Adiwiyata School at the South Sumatra Province level in 2023.

Head of SDN 4 Tanjung Agung on Panggung Enim Island Mr. Ahmad Rais, S.Pd said. The PBLHS innovation not only makes the school environment more orderly, but also makes students actively participate in efforts to preserve the environment.

For example, continued Ahmad Rais, In terms of suppressing the production of inorganic waste, school canteens do not sell snacks wrapped in plastic, but only snacks with organic packaging, especially leaves. Students also have their own glass to pour when buying drinks in the school cafeteria.

He explained, as an effort to discipline students in sorting waste, his party was running a garbage terminal program. One of the open areas behind the school is used as a terminal for collecting and sorting waste.

“We use the collected organic waste as material for making compost. As for inorganic waste, we make it as recycling teaching material,” he explained when met at his school, Monday (01/30/2023).

Ahmad Rais added, in placing inorganic waste as recycling teaching materials, students were trained to make various products of economic value. Such as plastic bags, vases, tissue containers, various paper crafts, to children’s toys.

According to him, the habit of making recycled products makes students accustomed to making woven from plastic waste as a raw material for recycled products. In addition, plastic bottles used for mineral water packaging can also be transformed into pots. For growing various flowers and vegetables in hanging gardens.

“In addition to beautifying the school environment, we also intend to use waste for pots and planting media to plant as many plants as possible in the school environment. Thus we participate in oxygen production as much as possible,” he said.

“Efforts to maximize the benefits of water are also made by making a pond to raise ornamental fish in one corner of the school,” he explained.

Meanwhile, efforts to build a culture of loving the environment for the community, added Ahmad Rais. It is carried out through the dissemination of school activities in the community, to social environmental activities such as cleaning roads and school yards.

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