PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera is Ready to Facilitate Residents’ Aspirations

PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera Siap Fasilitasi Aspirasi Warga

PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera is Ready to Facilitate Residents’ Aspirations

Muara Enim – As one of the mining companies operating in the Muara Enim Regency area, to be precise in the Lawang Kidul and Tanjung Agung Districts, PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera (BAS), which is a subsidiary of PT Titan Group, is ready to facilitate the aspirations of residents around it. the company submitted through the Members of the Muara Enim Regency DPRD in their recess agenda, (30/01/2023).

DPRD members’ visit to PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera

During his visit, members of the Regional Legislative Council (Dapil) IV, Lawang Kidul District, Tanjung Agung, Panang Enim, Semende Darat Laut, Semende Darat Tengah and Semende Darat Ulu, visited the PT Bara Anugerah Sejahtera office to capture and convey the aspirations of the constituents of the council and as well as businesses in the region.

On that occasion, DPRD members consisting of Titit Susanti, Kasman MA Ssos, Supriyanto, M.Nasir, Yusran, Muhammad Candra, Edi Candra, Abriyanto, Haji Talib Yahya and Liono Basuki as chairman of the DPRD conveyed the aspirations of the community regarding the existence of companies in their area. which is expected to be realized.

They conveyed, from the results of filtering the aspirations of the constituents of DPRD members, that the community hopes that the company will build a special coal road for transportation, they also ask for regular road watering and ask for CSR / COMDEV assistance to be given to the community who are in the ring closest to the company as well as several other things.

PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera’s Response to Community Aspirations

Responding to this, the company PT Bara Anugerah Sejahtera welcomed the arrival of the people’s representatives who aimed to convey the aspirations of their constituents to the stageholders, one of which was business actors. The company itself really needs information input related to matters that the company still needs to pay attention to the people who are in the company’s environment. Because, from opportunities like this, companies can know what really needs to be done.

From a number of things submitted by the members of the board, the company accepted the proposal which will then be followed up by holding a meeting with the company’s management. And the decision will also await the results of the management meeting which will be held soon.

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