Jambi City Government Controlling Coal Transportation, 2 Cars Arrested

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Jambi City Government Controlling Coal Transportation, 2 Cars Arrested

The Jambi City Government-Polresta-Kodim 0415/JBI-Denpom II/2 Jambi joint team, conducted a joint operation to supervise and control coal transportation that violated it, entered the city road section. The activity began on Sunday evening (22/1).

Head of the Jambi City Transportation Service, Saleh Ridho said, a monitoring post was set up near the Kasang Battalion, Jambi City. “The area is the exit to the port. Apart from setting up posts, we also conduct mobile patrols,” said Saleh.

Supervision and control of coal transportation, said Saleh, will be carried out until the situation is conducive.

“We will fight boredom, we (officers, ed) are bored or drivers,” he said.

From the results of supervision and control over coal transportation last night, his party managed to ticket 8 unladen coal trucks and two vehicles loaded with cargo were detained.

“Besides giving the ticket to the eight, we will also turn them back, while the two with cargo are being detained at the Polresta,” he explained.

For trucks with cargo, they will be detained for two weeks or even a month. This is to give a deterrent effect.

“So if we are desperate to hold on for two weeks or even a month, then of course this will be detrimental to them. Because we can’t pull coal anymore. This is a form of Jambi City Government’s commitment to provide comfort to the community,” he said.

Monitoring in the field, coal trucks entered Jambi City through several entrances, including Buluran, Simpang Rimbo, Mayang, and Paal 10. Some of the vehicles that entered even went viral, some of them were stopped by residents and turned around. As happened in Villa Kenali housing. Residents unanimously stopped and asked the mining transport to turn around. (Ahmad)

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