Get to know Titan Infra Energy’s Coal Transport Infrastructure

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Infrastructure for coal companies such as Titan Infra Energy really needs attention because of its importance for the continuity of nature and the comfort of the surrounding community. Therefore, this has always been the focus of entrepreneurs.

This is also a point that Titan Infra always pays attention to in running its coal hauling and mining business. Then, how exactly is the coal business process carried out by Titan Infra? Let’s get to know more closely how this company works.

Get to know Titan Infra Energy Infrastructure

As is known, the coal business in Indonesia is the largest in the world. Even Indonesia has become number one as the largest exporter in the world. This is not surprising considering that Indonesia has an extraordinary wealth of mining products.

However, behind Indonesia’s export success, we as one of the largest coal companies in Indonesia also have another important focus. This focus is related to the infrastructure of the coal transportation route to the location point.

The increase in the number of accidents that have occurred in Jambi in recent years is a point that made us realize that coal must have a special route to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Therefore, we are upgrading the coal line in South Sumatra. This line has reached 113 km as a form of our concern for the community involved in the transportation of Titan Infra Energy’s coal.

However, of course this is still a point that we will continue to pay attention to in the future considering the large amount of coal that is still stored is inversely proportional to the path that is still so minimal.

How is Process Coal Transported?

Knowing how Titan Infra Energy’s coal process is transported is certainly the next point that needs to be known. However, the process of transporting coal in our company has gone through the right procedures.

The process of transporting coal is one of the important stages in mining activities. Through the infrastructure owned by Titan Infra Energy, later coal will be transported using available transportation including barges. However, how is this process actually carried out? Check out the following reviews:

1. Mining Coal

The first process carried out by our company is to carry out coal mining at mining sites that have obtained permits from related parties. We also carry out mining in accordance with established procedures. This is done as a form of our commitment to maintaining the safety of workers and preventing work accidents.

2. Separation of Coal Elements

After the coal is mined, the next step is to separate the coal elements. This separation process is carried out using tools that are in accordance with safety standards and in accordance with established procedures. We always ensure that every stage in the mining process is carried out carefully and thoroughly so that the quality of the coal produced can be more optimal.

3. Transportation Process

After the process of separating the elements of coal is completed, the next step is the transportation of coal. To transport coal, we have prepared special lines that comply with applicable rules and regulations. Later, the transportation will be carried out using a special truck that has been prepared.

After the coal arrives at the port, we will carry out the sea transportation process using the barges that have been prepared. In this case, we always ensure that the entire process of transporting coal is carried out responsibly and in accordance with established safety standards.

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