Future of Mineral and Coal Mining, Titan Group’s Coal Value-Added Strategy

In a talk show titled ‘The Future of Mineral Downstreaming’ in Jakarta, Irwandy Arif, Special Staff to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources for Accelerating the Governance of Minerals and Coal, emphasized the government’s commitment to improving and transforming the mineral and coal mining business through national mining governance. Irwandy highlighted the significant potential of Indonesia’s minerals and coal, not only contributing to economic growth but also supporting national self-reliance and industrial resilience.

Role of Minerals in Energy Transition

The importance of increasing the value of minerals cannot be overlooked, especially in supporting Indonesia’s energy transition. Minerals are crucial raw materials for solar power generation, wind power, nuclear power, manufacturing transmission cables, distribution, and electric vehicle batteries. Irwandy emphasized that the policy of increasing the value of minerals is a strategic step to diversify energy sources and reduce dependence on raw material exports.

Legal Commitment to Value Addition

Law Number 3 of 2020 stipulates that the value addition of mineral mining commodities must be done through processing and refining processes. This obligation applies to metal, non-metal, and rock mineral mining commodities. The processing and refining of minerals from domestic mining activities are mandated, creating a legal basis that leads to the empowerment of downstream industries.

Future Plans: Increased Collaboration and Supportive Policies

Future plans involve prioritizing the purchase of raw materials domestically, coordination with the Ministry of Industry, fiscal policies, and non-fiscal policies. Irwandy mentioned that these measures are aimed at accelerating the increase in mineral value addition and supporting the growth of domestic downstream industries.

Utilization of National Coal: Policy Direction and Sustainability

Focus on Value Addition and Supply Availability
Law No. 3 of 2020 also regulates the policy of utilizing national coal. The main focus is on increasing the value of coal and ensuring a supply guarantee for domestic needs. Irwandy revealed that with the coal development and utilization roadmap, coal downstream products are expected to be in full production post-2030 to 2045, enhancing national energy resilience.

South Sumatra: Coal Mining Hub
South Sumatra Province plays a central role in Indonesia’s coal industry with the second-largest reserves in the country, reaching 37.60 billion tons. As a major player, South Sumatra contributes almost a quarter of the national total reserves. Mining locations such as Muara Enim, Lahat, and Ogan Komering Ulu are key to solidifying the province’s role.

Transportation Infrastructure: Main Productivity Support
In the coal industry, transportation and handling infrastructure play a crucial role in enhancing productivity. South Sumatra Province, with vast coal reserves, has been a primary focus for infrastructure development to support efficient transportation and distribution.

Titan Infra Energy Group: Innovation in Coal Transportation

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Transportation Solution
Titan Infra Energy Group plays a crucial role in improving coal transportation infrastructure in South Sumatra. By utilizing barges as the primary means, the company provides efficient and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. The advantages of barge carrying capacity and a commitment to low carbon footprint make Titan Infra Energy a leader in responsible coal transportation.

Modern Port Facilities: Supporting Operational Efficiency
PT. Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya, part of the Titan Infra Energy Group, provides modern port facilities to support the loading and unloading of coal. With state-of-the-art technology, Titan Infra Energy Group ensures that each stage of transportation occurs safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Capacity and Production Efficiency Improvement
Titan Infra Energy Group focuses not only on transportation but also on improving production facilities. Conveyor belt installations and coal bridges at the PALI port in South Sumatra create a strong foundation for increasing transportation capacity and production efficiency.

Contribution to Environmental Sustainability
In addition to being a mining and transportation company, Titan Infra Energy Group is committed to sustainable practices. With environmentally friendly transportation solutions, the company makes a real contribution to reducing negative impacts on the surrounding ecosystem.

Optimizing Local Resources: Support for the Local Economy

Titan Infra Energy Group not only has a positive impact on the environment but also plays a role in optimizing local resources. Through the use of local resources and collaboration with local communities, the company helps build the local economy and provides long-term benefits to the surrounding community.

Aligned with its vision, Titan Infra Energy Group looks ahead by diversifying energy sources. Integrating barge innovation with renewable energy technology creates new opportunities in the company’s energy portfolio. With this step, Titan Infra Energy Group not only contributes to the sustainability of the coal industry but also responds to the global shift towards clean energy.

Conclusion: Titan Infra Energy Group Shaping a Sustainable Future

With a focus on operational efficiency, environmental awareness, and community involvement, Titan Infra Energy Group plays a vital role in shaping a more sustainable future for the coal industry in South Sumatra. They don’t just see coal as a resource but as an integral part of global efforts towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Titan Infra Energy Group provides a positive contribution, creating a solid foundation for the coal industry in the region.

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