Disciplining Coal Transport Drivers, Jambi Governor’s Efforts to Handle Coal Problems

Disciplining Coal Transport Drivers, Jambi Governor’s Efforts to Handle Coal Problems

Governor of Jambi, Dr. H. Al Haris, S. Sos,. M.H., appealed to coal companies in Jambi Province to discipline and discipline coal transport drivers as an effort to deal with coal problems in Jambi Province.

Ordering and Completion of Coal Transportation in Jambi Province

Al Haris revealed that the Jambi provincial government together with all levels of the Jambi Province Forkompimda continue to work together in making every effort to resolve coal problems in Jambi Province. In an interview after attending the Coordination Meeting for Coordination of Controlling and Completion of Coal Transportation in Jambi Province, Al Haris conveyed some of the best solutions to solve this problem.

Controlling coal transportation drivers through official transporters

Al Haris said that coal companies should control drivers through official transporters to minimize the current coal transportation problems. It is hoped that the vehicles transporting coal can be properly recorded and well controlled.

Sticker Installation and Infrastructure Development

The Provincial Government of Jambi is making other efforts, namely placing stickers on each transportation, setting the operating hours of coal transportation. Construction of parking pockets for coal transportation and construction of alternative roads is another solution. Furthermore, Al Haris explained that the solution is currently in the process of building a special road for coal transportation which is already underway which can later unravel the congestion that has occurred.

Road Quality Inspection

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, Arifin Tasrif, reminded him to inspect the quality of special roads for coal transportation and alternative coal roads and ensure that these roads really overcome the congestion that occurs.

The coal problem in Jambi Province is being seriously handled by the Provincial Government of Jambi and Forkompimda Jambi Province by making various efforts such as controlling coal transport drivers, installing stickers, building infrastructure, and inspecting road quality. This is expected to overcome the problem of coal transportation and help encourage economic growth in Jambi Province.

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