Comprehensive Energy Infrastructure Services from Titan Infra Energy

Comprehensive Energy Infrastructure Services from Titan Infra Energy

PT Titan Infra Energy is a coal mining company that provides services from upstream to downstream coal. We offer energy infrastructure and logistics services in Indonesia, spanning a number of business entities with extensive experience in energy infrastructure services.

Our services include Mining Contracting, Road Hauling, Port Management, and Barge and Boat Services for Hauling. With a highly skilled workforce and the adoption of best practices, that expertise spans the entire value chain from energy resource production, haul roads, port to sea and river transport to the last mile.

The history of Titan Infra Energy began in 2005, amidst a drive to consistently develop and expand its business scope both organically and through acquisitions to strictly cover all aspects of infrastructure services, which have become the main business pillars of the company.

Titan Infra Energy Coal Barge

In the coal industry, transportation is one of the factors that affect the efficiency and sustainability of production. By adopting the right transportation solutions, companies can save costs, increase productivity, and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Titan Infra Energy’s barges provide efficient and sustainable transportation solutions using barges as the main means. Barges have a large loading capacity, so they can transport large amounts of coal in one voyage. In addition, the use of barges is also more environmentally friendly compared to the use of large ships, because it has a lower carbon footprint.

The company is also equipped with PT Swarnadwipa Dermaga Jaya Port facilities which facilitate the process of loading and unloading coal. In this case, Titan Infra Energy Barge ensures that the entire process of coal transportation is carried out safely, quickly and efficiently.

We offer linkages from exploration, construction, production, haulage, barging and transshipment to domestic and international customers to the consumption of the coal produced for power generation. This is done to add greater value through synergistic relationships across all supply chains.

The following is a list of businesses in the mining contractor sector that we provide:

  1. Energy resources from some of the richest coal reserves in Indonesia.
  2. Coal extraction and overburden removal.
  3. Processed coal transportation.
  4. Stockpile of coal in port.
  5. Loading of coal onto barges.
  6. Transshipment from barge to carrier.
  7. Delivery of coal to end users.

We understand that the synergies of complementary products and services can stabilize revenue and facilitate healthy cash flow and are less vulnerable to fluctuations in coal prices. Therefore, our business portfolio is designed to ensure the company’s sustainable growth.

In this very competitive business, we are always committed to providing the best service for our customers. By focusing on the best of our expertise, we are ready to assist customers in achieving their goals regarding energy infrastructure.

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