Bengkulu ESDM Service Admits There Are Traffic Problems Due to Coal Transport Vehicles

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Head of the Bengkulu Province Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Office, Ir. Mulyani acknowledged that there were problems in the transportation system for coal and other commodities in the area. He stated that mining companies should build special routes to transport their mining products, so as not to disturb the community and traffic.

Mining Companies Are Still Allowed to Use Public Facilities However, mining companies are still allowed to use public facilities such as national roads and provincial roads, as long as they comply with the regulations from the Department of Transportation. Currently, almost all mining companies still use public roads, such as mines operating in North Bengkulu, Benteng, Lebong Seluma Regencies and other areas.

ESDM Appeals to Build Special Routes for Transporting Mining Products ESDM has previously advised holders of Mining Business Permits (IUP) to build special lanes for transporting their mining products, in order to reduce congestion and other problems. However, this appeal was constrained by funding issues for the special route. According to Ir. Mulyani, building a special route of one kilometer requires a lot of money, which is a burden for mining companies.

Pulau Baai Port in Bengkulu is now one of the areas affected by the use of public transportation routes as commodity transport routes. As a result, traffic jams often occur around the port.

To overcome this problem, the Bengkulu Provincial Government held a coordination meeting on Wednesday (1/2/2023) with related parties, including mine and plantation owners. In the conclusion of the meeting, the Provincial Government asked PT Pelindo Regional II and companies holding IUP to provide temporary parking areas or parking pockets.

Assistant II Regional Secretary of the Bengkulu Provincial Government, Fachriza Razie. Emphasizing that maintaining equipment and smooth access within the Pulau Baai Harbor area is Pelindo’s responsibility. Fachriza also explained that steps would be taken to overcome traffic jams, one of which was by creating parking pockets.

To prevent recurring traffic jams, the Bengkulu Provincial Government will issue regulations for transporting commodities from 18.00 to 06.00.

The Head of the Bengkulu Province Transportation Service, Agus Seprabudi, added that companies holding IUP in Bengkulu must make parking pockets outside the Pulau Baai Harbor area and Bengkulu City. Thus, traffic jams can be avoided for days and not snaking all the way to the toll gate.

December last year, Governor of Bengkulu. Rohidin Mersyah issued a circular letter containing four points on controlling coal transport vehicles in the Bengkulu Province area. This circular letter contains several important matters regarding coal transport vehicles, namely:

  1. Over-dimensional and over-loaded vehicles are prohibited from entering Bengkulu
  2. Allowable dimensions of coal transport vehicles
  3. Operational time for coal transportation in Bengkulu
  4. Sanctions for violators

As an effort to overcome the problem of congestion and minimize environmental impacts, the Governor of Bengkulu has decided to issue this circular letter. Unfortunately, this circular letter turned out to be less effective in overcoming the problem. Therefore, the Governor immediately issued a Regional Regulation which has stronger legal binding power.

To reduce the volume of commodity transport vehicles on public roads. Bengkulu Province has a special coal line located in North Bengkulu Regency. This route is located in four villages, namely Tanjung Dalam Village, Pagardin Village, K5 Village, and Air Petai Village and ends at the Bani City port.

With this route, coal IUP (Mining Business Permit) holders can reduce the volume of commodity transport vehicles on public roads.

To overcome the problem of congestion, the Governor of Bengkulu emphasized that every company holding an IUP must have a parking bag. If there is a traffic jam, the coal trucks can wait in the available parking pockets outside the Bengkulu City area.

Meanwhile, Deputy EGM of PT Pelindo II Ratna Puspasari said that her party had prepared a parking pocket in the four-hectare port area which can accommodate around 300 more coal trucks.

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