Our Vision

To be one of the most environmentally & community friendly energy company recognized for its integrated competencies on energy resources and infrastructure services in Indonesia and the company of choice in the region.

Our Mission

To perform end-to-end integrated energy infrastructure services activity, from exploring, mining, processing & refining, marketing, and shipment, to ensure customer satisfaction and the prosperity of our corporate stakeholder while contributing to the local & national economies.

Our Bilief

Right Way
Smart Way
Synergy Way


We firmly believe that high ethical standards, corporate governance, integrity and actions in the interest of the society and the nation is the right and only way to ensure long term success in the coal mining business.


We realize that integrated energy infrastructure services requires complex multi discipline skills & systems, where constant improvements from a hardworking team of enthusiastic and smart staff is a must to achieve excellence.


These days nobody can succeed alone. Teamwork and partnership based on mutual respect, trust & commitment within Titan Infra Energy and with our suppliers, contractors, community, local government, and regulators, will create the synergy needed to drive production and delivery’s speed, quality, quantity, and cost efficiency.