People Development

At TIE, we believe that the quality of our people is the foundation of our ability to serve. For this reason, we strive to identify outstanding people, developing their skills, and creating dynamic working environment that fosters their growth. Our collaborative working style emphasises teamwork and trust, which is why we are in partnership with many international blue-chip companies to maintain our competitive edge. By viewing our people as our greatest assets that are powered by knowledge, we retain this advantage by providing as much opportunity for them to constantly developing their expertise to better contribute to the company’s succes


An essential element for career accomplishment that contribute to company’s success is professional behaviour. The way we conduct our business demand our people to meet their commitments and responsibility, while behaving ethically with integrity and honesty.

Strong Vision

Visioning is the first step in strategic planning. Every individual in our organisation is demanded to have strong vision that can create energy and drive needed to push the company forward.