PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera Award Increase Confidence to Business Partner & Stakeholder

PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera

Award Increase Confidence to Business Partner & Stakeholder


PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera (BAS) succeeded in getting Safety Pratama Award K3 for Mining. This award is very encouraging and can drive the employees to work better.

For PT BAS, which is a subsidiary of Titan Infra Energy, this award is very beneficial because it can increase trust from business partner […]

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PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal Achieved Award Increase Motivation

PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal

Achieved Award Increase Motivation

Age does not guarantee achievement, PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal proved that at the young age since 2 year of operations they succeeded in getting Award Mining Safety for Pratama Category.

Tarub Arinto Pramudyo, Deputy Operation Director PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal (PT MUM) welcomed the achievement of the company he leads. “We are very proud to […]

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Digital Integration PLN

SURABAYA – Subsidiary of PT. PLN (Persero), PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB), is in process of integrating all power plants through digital integration. The integration program called remote engineering, monitoring, diagnostic and optimization (REMDO) is expected to increase efficiency and speed up problem solving.

“As planned this October or end of this year We will launch the pilot project”, said Corporate […]

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Indonesian’s Coal Production has to be maintained. Excessive production increase could restrain or event lower the coal prices increase rate.

Jakarta, Kompas – Rising trend of coal price lately has to be balanced with the production.  Excessive production could restrain the price increase rate or even lower the price increase rate.

“ To protec their coal industry, China seems to adopt price regulation policy to maintain coal price around 61-81 US dollar per ton. However, the tendency of coal company to […]

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Bengkulu – Ministry of Environmental and Forestry (LHK) through its representative in Bengkulu handed over the evaluation result of Government Environmental Performance Rating Program  (PROPER) for period 2015-2016 to 46 companies on Friday (17/3/2017). One of companies who committed to environment, PT. Titan Wijaya, received blue rating for two consecutive year.

The evaluation result was handed over directly by specialized staff […]

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Coal Prices: Jump more than 3%, JAKARTA – The price movement of coal continued to get stronger on the closing trading session yesterday, Tuesday(31/1/2017), after managed to rebound on the previous trading day.

On Tuesday trade, coal price for February 2017 Contract, the most active contract in Rotterdam market, was closed soaring to 3.65% or 3 point to US$85.30/metric ton.

In the previous trading session, the February […]

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Jonan Requests Coal Usage for Electricity Production Improved

Jakarta, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan suggests that Electric Power Producers of PLN conduct efficiencies, one of them is with the usage of coal to reduce electricity rate charged to consumers.

He expressed this notion when visiting Steam Coal Electricity Power Generator (PLTU) at Tenayan that is located near Pekanbaru City, Riau on Sunday (18/12).

“If can be […]

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Coal Prices: Rally on third day, coal price rose by 0.84%, Jakarta – The movement of coal price for January contract continued its rally on the third closing trade, Thursday(22/12/2016), despite the report on production decline.

On Thursday Trade, coal price for January Contract 2017, the most active contract on Rotterdam Market closed higher by 0.84% price or 0.70 point to US$83.75 per metric ton.

Coal price for January Contract 2017 continued […]

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Indonesian’s Coal Price Reference (HBA) reached US$100 per ton

Jakarta – Coal Price Reference (HBA) for December 2016 reached US$100 level per ton. Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ESDM) stipulated this HBA for December to be US$101.69 per ton. Coal prices above US$100 per ton showed similar past conditions that happened between the end of 2011 to mid 2012.

Head of Bureau of Communication, Public Information Service, and Cooperation […]

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A New Tax cut proposal by government for renewable energy producers

Currently, renewable energy producers generate electricity with average price of 15 US cent per kilowatt hour (kWh), which is much higher than the prices offered to households by state electricity company PLN at 8 cent per KWh.

To reduce the a renewable electricity prices, government propose a subsidy of  Rp. 1.3 trillion in the 2017 state budget. Unfortunately, the proposal was […]

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