Menguji Solusi Zonasi dan “Berkontribusi Dorong Efisiensi”

Menguji Solusi Zonasi
Sejak kebijakan DMO diterapkan pada 2010, tingkat penyerapan konsumsi batu bara domestik masih sangat mengecewakan, hanya 18,7%. Itu pun dibarengi dengan peta distribusi yang semrawut dan berbiaya tinggi.
“Berkontribusi Dorong Efisiensi”
JAKARTA — PT Titan Infra Energy sebagai perusahaan infrastruktur, logistik dan produsen batu bara yang beroperasi di Sumatra Selatan juga ikut berkontribusi mendistribusikan bahan baku untuk pembangkit listrik di […]

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Bengkulu Dreams to become the Largest Gate of Coal Exports, Bengkulu – Bengkulu Province as one of the areas that has the best coal energy content in Indonesia, strives to increase production. Great potential that has not been explored to the maximum is expected to boost the economy of this region.

The main constraint of coal production owned by almost all districts in Bengkulu Province, is the transportation from the mine to the port […]

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Coal Price penetrated level of 90 USD

Coal commodity prices continued to soar to the highest level since October 2013. Various sentiments managed to push the rate. Even now the price of black gold has penetrated the level of US $ 90 per metric ton.

Quoting Bloomberg at the close of trading Friday (11/8), the price of coal for October 2017 delivery contract on ICE Futures rose 0.5 […]

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Titan Run 2017: Succeed to give appreciation to Veteran

Titan Run 2017 combinds spirit of patriotism and sportism in running event championship.

About 5.195 people joined race event Titan Run 2017 with the title: A Tribute to Veteran, on Saturday, 5 August 2017. The event held by Titan Group took place in  the environmentally eco friendly streets of Alam Sutera housing complex.

Like last year, Titan Run 2017 celebrated Indonesian Independence […]

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HSE Manager of PT Titan Infra Energy Gunawan Pujiyanto represents
Director of PT Servo Lintas Raya (right) along with Mining Technical Head PT Bara
Anugrah Sejahtera Sri Hartoyo (left) take picture with Minister of Manpower –
Hanif Dakhiri after receiving Zero Accident Award K3 2017 from Ministry of Manpower in Jakarta,
Wednesday night (19/7). Bara Anugrah Sejahtera and Servo Lintas Raya that are both […]

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PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera Award Increase Confidence to Business Partner & Stakeholder

PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera

Award Increase Confidence to Business Partner & Stakeholder


PT Bara Anugrah Sejahtera (BAS) succeeded in getting Safety Pratama Award K3 for Mining. This award is very encouraging and can drive the employees to work better.

For PT BAS, which is a subsidiary of Titan Infra Energy, this award is very beneficial because it can increase trust from business partner […]

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PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal Achieved Award Increase Motivation

PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal

Achieved Award Increase Motivation

Age does not guarantee achievement, PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal proved that at the young age since 2 year of operations they succeeded in getting Award Mining Safety for Pratama Category.

Tarub Arinto Pramudyo, Deputy Operation Director PT Manggala Usaha Manunggal (PT MUM) welcomed the achievement of the company he leads. “We are very proud to […]

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Digital Integration PLN

SURABAYA – Subsidiary of PT. PLN (Persero), PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB), is in process of integrating all power plants through digital integration. The integration program called remote engineering, monitoring, diagnostic and optimization (REMDO) is expected to increase efficiency and speed up problem solving.

“As planned this October or end of this year We will launch the pilot project”, said Corporate […]

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